Our goal, simply stated, is to: “Provide the best possible technological solutions that will increase your business efficiency”

Support you can count on to always be there!

SPCFIX Technology Group provides professional services that analyze, design and deliver innovative technology strategies encompassing a business’s hardware, software and support needs.

Our client objectives are to improve reliability, increase productivity, and broaden your market penetration. We are passionate about providing high value solutions that are cost effective.

  • We work our hardest to provide the best customer service to each and every client

  • We will evaluate your system and provide the best solution for your needs

Let Us Manage Your IT Systems

  • MSPs will have employees who specialize in a variety of IT segments, providing each client with a large array of knowledge for the same low price

  • Hiring an MSP is cheaper than providing the same support through internal employees

  • Spcfix is always testing and implementing the newest technologies in order to provide the best solutions for our clients

  • Balancing risks is a challenge for any company, whether the risk is a security risk, or a changing standard or regulation. When outsourcing we manage a lot of the risk using our knowledge in the compliance and security fields

  • Many smaller to medium sized companies can’t afford the luxury of having an in-house support team for all IT needs, like the larger companies

  • Hiring an MSP may not be to eliminate your IT team, but as a value added bonus to complement your internal professionals.

Cutting Edge Solutions For Your Business

With over 18 years of experience, SPCFIX can handle any of your IT business needs. Don’t wait and schedule your free evaluation today!

  • With our offerings, you won’t have to worry about constant IT maintenance. Leave it to SPCFIX. We got you covered!

  • STG can monitor the health of your IT architecture within your business and address issues as they come up without you making us aware
  • SPCFIX offers a complete desktop-to-data center virtualization product portfolio and a comprehensive set of virtualization services
  • STG provides complete data backup and disaster recovery plans that will help your business be back up in minutes without losing any crucial information.