Remote Support Services

Our team is specialized in providing quick and efficient support services either over the phone or through our screen sharing software. The initial assessment is free! We offer this remote support for anyone anywhere!

Its simple just give us a call or inquire below and one of our techs will call you ASAP. Then explain the issue to our very knowledgeable technicians and they will let you know if this can be fixed either over the phone or through a screen share. If it can be fixed remotely make a payment and the tech will complete the work. If the technician does not fix the problem we will refund your money!  Also if the problem cannot be resolved remotely the tech will give you their recommendation of how to solve the problem free of charge!

Fill out the form below or give us a call to get your computer problems fixed!

Computer Hardware

Have your speakers or camera stopped working? Is your computer plain old running slow? Our techs are computer geeks at heart and want to help make your computer run the same as new.

Computer Software

Our technicians are trained on Microsoft Windows from 2003 to Windows 10 as well as the latest Mac OS. Linux is no problem too!  Are update notifications bothering you; our techs can filter through all those annoying notifications and set only those necessary ones to update, ignoring the rest.

Program Help

Our techs are all certified in Microsoft Programs and are knowledgeable in Microsoft alternatives and would gladly help you create the documents you need. From Excel to Word to PowerPoint we will help you with all those pesky little settings that can increase your productivity.

Website Design and Service

Are you working on updating your website and getting stuck? Or do you have broken links that need to be fixed or something to be added to your website? Our skilled techs have designed and serviced websites that are hosted on many different platforms. Give us a call to get your site up and running.

Smart Home

Do you have a smart hub that controls your lights, temperature, audio or any other aspect of your home? Our techs are trained on all the latest automation technologies to provide you the best support

Contact Number: 845.512.1272 or 914.600.5253


Service Info

Remote Support

Hourly Price $85
Half Hour Price $45
Response Time >2Hrs
Phone Support Included
Screen Sharing Included

Remote Support- Hourly

Each hour of remote support is $85 dollars, most of the time a half hour block will be enough time to resolve the issue. But for problems that will take longer a 1-Hour block can be purchased. The tech will advise a one hour block will be needed.

Remote Support- 1/2 hour

Most remote support sessions will be solved within a half hour. If the tech suspects that it will take over a half hour, they will advise purchasing a 1-hour block.